How to install the October 20 2: 2020 update - Tips

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There are different ways to install the update 20h2 of October 2020.

Windows Update

Settings ►Updates & Security: Check for updates(if available).

Windows 10 20H2 Media Creation Tool

A) Update now.

B) Download the tool now == ► MediaCreationTool20H2.exe Media Creation Tool

Click on upgrade this PC now.

The update assistant



Go to Adguard

Select –► Windows (final)

Select –►Windows 10, Version 2009-20H2 (build 19042.XXX)

Select –►Windows 10

Select –►French

Select your operating system –► Win10_20H2_French_x64 iso ou Win10_20H2_French_x32 iso

Then go to your download folder or the chosen path.

Right click on -►Win10_20H2_French_x64 ou Win10_20H2_French_x32 iso

Then -► ascend

Windows Explorer opens.

Click that –► Setup

In passing, this will create a network drive during the installation.

it will not be there after restarting the update.

Continue the installation until the next reboot.

This method is faster than the Media Creation Tool, probably because of the Microsoft servers.


Download or save Media Creation Tool Bat

Extract the archive with 7-Zip ou WinRAR. (Extract to – ►mediacreationtool)

Open folder (yellow) media creation tool.

Click on –► Media Creation Tool (Command file).

Select –► 2009 [20h2]

The rest of the process is then identical to that known from Media Creation Tools.

This has the advantage that if you have a problem with the new version, you can install the old version. From Windows 10 1803, a feature update may be blocked. It is only when there are no more updates from Microsoft that this change will be automatically ignored.

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