Coco Emilia and Nathalie Koah endowed on the same day?

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Wanda Peeps, it's japap that has been talking for a few days. The enemy sisters of Zinternets 237, Coco Emila and Nathalie Koah, would have been endowed last weekend, and the same day in all likelihood. Coincidence or not? The Wanda Team puts you in the juice.

Cameroonian influencers and entrepreneurs followed by thousands of subscribers on social networks around the world, Nathalie Koah and Coco Emilia raise the crowds with each of their media outings. And while their rivalry has translated in recent years by public brawls, it is for a happy event that the two young women confronted each other last weekend, without necessarily knowing it.

Indeed, last Saturday November 14, Nathalie Koah would have been endowed by her fiancé on the sly. On her Snapchat account, the next day, she also left a message explaining why she preferred to do things in the greatest privacy.

« I was beautiful holala. My Husband does not like transplants but yesterday he validated ».

« In the best of all worlds, I would have shared the day yesterday with you, my community (…) Only we are surrounded by people who do not have kind feelings towards me. These taught me to keep my privacy at the risk of seeing me hijack »

Teddy Edouard, Nathalie Koah's little brother, did not fail to congratulate his sister, happy that she is starting a new chapter in her life:

« Congratulations to you big sister, and to you my beautiful ... may the good Lord bless your union ».

But Wanda People, what then Wanda Internet users is that the same evening, Coco Emilia was apparently getting dowry too eh! On Snapchat, the images of the CEO of Eyliam, happy and congratulated by his relatives, leaked a few hours before. A most Wandaying coincidence!

To explain this curious meeting of events, an Internet user has advanced the argument that Nathalie Koah would have set up her marriage from scratch to harm Biscuit de Mer, which had apparently announced hers long before. Eh ahh! The go is explained:

Wanda People, the coincidence still leads to questioning deh! Coco Emilia and Nathalie Koah would they be linked by the sons of fate? Tell us what you think.


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