Celebrities pay tribute to 130 victims of the Paris bombings 5 ​​years later

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Celebrities pay tribute to 130 victims of the Paris bombings 5 ​​years later


Friday, November 13, 2020 marks the sad fifth anniversary of the Paris attacks, where 130 people lost their lives. To remember, but also to pay tribute to them, personalities from all backgrounds had the right words.

Every November 13, for five years, it's the same bitter taste. Groggy, France remembers the 130 people who died in the Paris attacks, from the hell of the Bataclan to the shots in the terraces, as well as the suicide bombings around the Stade de France. It is also difficult to forget this famous France-Germany match, the images of the explosions and the intervention of the GIGN within the Bataclan.

Instead of remembering horror and death, many French celebrities and personalities, from all walks of life, paid homage to the freedom to live, to love, to laugh and even to drink. Many also published a trombinoscope of photos of the victims. All have thus chosen to pay homage to them.

« For the inalienable right to listen to music, to love, to sing, to draw. For freedom, equality and fraternity. For these faces. Because unlike terrorists, we are on the side of life. Remember November 13“, Wrote Marlène Schiappa on Twitter. " Every November 13 for 5 years, our hearts tighten. All my thoughts to the families and loved ones of the victims“, Melissa Theuriau wrote tenderly on Instagram. " We think of them, their families, their friends ... We don't forget ”, added Julie Gayet, while sharing the photos of the victims.

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Hugo Clément, he shared the photo of two lovers who lost their lives that evening. " Marie Lausch and Mathias Dymarski loved each other. They were 22 and 23 years old. They were murdered by terrorists at the Bataclan on November 13, 2015, while attending a concert. They are among the 130 victims who fell during this terrible day which marked us all for life. We will not forget them ”, he wrote, sharing a photo of them.

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The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, went to the places most affected by these attacks five years ago. She notably honored a minute of silence in front of the Bataclan, alongside Prime Minister Jean Castex. The elected PS also passed in front of the bar The good times, whose manager lost his wife five years ago. We could find his strong testimony, and some other survivors, in the documentary fluctuat NEC mergitur aired yesterday on TMC, and available on Netflix.

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