Unrecognizable and physically metamorphosed Slimane (photo)

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Unrecognizable and physically metamorphosed Slimane (photo)


It has been several years since the French singer and actress embarked on a weight loss fight. His fans discovered another appearance of him especially as he reportedly lost a few pounds. If some female celebrities want to lose a few pounds, there are also male stars who dream of having a model silhouette like Slimane.

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Slimane panics the web after revealing his new body

The 31-year-old singer from Versus is very followed on social networks and with each of his appearances, he shows a new appearance. He regularly shares with the subscribers of his Instagram page, many pictures of his daily life. His fans were particularly impressed with his strange weight loss that would have allowed him to change his look. Slimane has experienced a succession of events in his life in recent months. The first confinement had turned his plans upside down as he prepared for a tour with Vitaa. The two artists had remained confined to their home and said they wanted to make the most of the confinement. Again confined after the announcement made by the President of the Republic for a reconfinement on October 30, the 31-year-old French singer has instead found a new hobby, that of metamorphosis.


Much loved by his fans, Slimane's publications do not go unnoticed. After the first postponement of their tour with Vitaa, the two singers announced a second postponement last September after waiting several months as the two artists were eager to return to the stage after all this time. Since the announcement of the cancellation of his project with the 37-year-old French singer, the young singer has resurfaced on social networks completely transformed. While many Internet users think that this would be due to boredom, others on the other hand believe that the former winner of The Voice wanted to change his old appearance.

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Slimane shows off her new look

The singer of Solune has been going through difficult times since his tour was suspended and it has been several weeks since his followers had heard from him until we saw him again on Instagram transformed. On October 3, Vitaa's sidekick posted a video that surprised all his fans. We saw him shaving his hair and several Internet users had not hesitated to speak of a freakish lead. The person concerned had not given any explanation of his act despite the questions of his admirers. He had written in the caption of this publication " Insupportable ". Many people reacted to this post and we also saw a comment from Vitaa who joked that he didn't ask for her opinion before changing his hairstyle.


Some time after this publication which caused so much talk, Slimane appeared more slimmed down. He would have lost several kilos from Morocco where he is confined. Its recent publication has left no one indifferent. At the end of 2019, Slimane said he had lost more than 16kg. It was on his Instagram account that the singer had published two photos of him, before and after his transformation. Losing weight has always been a major challenge for the latter. He has already confided in his childhood during his interviews where he claimed to have been obese. In November 2019, the former star of The Voice had unveiled his new body on TF1 during the show Telecrochet which he had won in 2016. He let it be known that this result was the consequence of playing sports.

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