Véronique Genest's rant against Joe Biden's victory which annoyed Internet users

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Véronique Genest's rant against Joe Biden's victory which annoyed Internet users


Joe Biden's victory in the US presidential election did not necessarily please everyone. This is the case of Véronique Genest, who shared a big rant on Twitter. A publication that drew the wrath of Internet users.

"It's a historic day"

After several days of stress and worry, Joe Biden won the White House on Saturday, November 7. A victory that he snatched from the hands of Donald Trump by obtaining 290 of the voters against 214. Indeed, this victory of the husband of Jill Biden in the American presidential election has delighted a large number of American citizens. To celebrate this joy, they invaded the streets of big cities like Washington and New York. As for the world stars, they saturated social networks with publications that highlighted their joys. Like the case of Nolwenn Leroy, Lady Gaga, Shakira and many more.

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For her part, Hillary Clinton said that Joe Biden's victory “It's a historic day” for the country, but also for the Americans. However, the latter are not necessarily of the same opinion. Precisely, this is the case of Véronique Genest who shared a hell of a rant on Twitter on Saturday, November 7.

Véronique Genest clashed by internet users

Shortly after the official victory of Joe Biden, Véronique Genest wanted to share her rant on the web. The Julie Lescaut star wrote on Twitter: “ Ultimately the American elections are a bit like ours: they come out of the worst to go to the even worse. God "hurts" America !!! ". She even added a crying laughing emoji.

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But what she ignored what with its publication, it has attracted the wrath of Internet users. We could read: “Worse than Trump? We don't have the same definition then ”. Or : « You were much cooler in Julie Lescaut's time ». Indeed, opinions are so divided, for that, difficult to all agree on the same subject.

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