Matt Pokora announces terrible news to his fans

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Matt Pokora announces terrible news to his fans 


M Pokora, the famous French singer would be at its worst after the disappearance of his producer and friend Cyril Colbeau-Justin.

Matt Pokora

It is a big loss for the world of French culture after the death of the founder of LGM Productions who produced a large number of artists in France, including Matt Pokora.

M Pokora distressed after the death of his producer

It was on his Instagram account that the 35-year-old singer let his fans know that he had lost a loved one. The 50-year-old producer of Christina Milian's husband died on November 7 while the two men were preparing a film project. It is with great sorrow that the one who has been swimming in happiness since the arrival of his son Isaiah announced the death of Cyril Colbeau. To pay tribute to him, he posted a photo against a dark background and expressed his pain through the following words " Cyril is the first film producer to believe in me and want to produce a film for me ”. After this tribute à the one who believed in the singer, he promised de finish what he had started together.

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Matt Pokora and Cyril Colbeau's friendship goes back several years. After the cancellation of his tour, the singer of Our planets was working on another project that kept him busy. As he planned to appear on the small screen as an actor now, Matt Pokora's dreams fell apart. In an interview with TV 7 Days Several years ago, he explained that he was going to play his first role in a film which was due to begin shooting in 2016.

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Indeed, Isaiah's father was to play the character of a footballer but this project unfortunately did not see the light of day. After learning of the announcement of the disappearance of the one with whom he spent most of his time, M Pokora immediately confided to the subscribers of his Instagram page who did not fail to send him many messages of condolence.

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