This photo of the meeting of Ouattara and Henri Bédié ignites the web

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This photo of the meeting of Ouattara and Henri Bédié ignites the web 


The meeting between President Alassane Ouattara and his elder Henri Konan Bédié gives Ivorians a glimmer of hope. Alassane Ouattara and his elder brother thus affirmed at the end of the meeting that the dialogue will continue and that confidence has returned.

In addition to the beautiful words, an image of the two men set the canvas on fire. According to Opera News CI, in this photo, we can clearly see President Ouattara and President Bédié greeting each other warmly. The Ivorians were very numerous to react on this image.

"Really why not do that at the beginning the dialogue the negotiation but always the slogan to put the children of the poor in the streets and yet their children are in the big countries for the studies Ivorian my Ivorian brother my sister must not break you the head for a politician stays with you at home if you are asked to go out and ask that their children come in front and you behind. " writes a surfer.

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"You died a gift for the CNT here's the guy are going to drink some ice cold wine while your parents are crying for you at home" says another.

"You walked Kdo you were arrested Kdo you are imprisoned Kdo here is Ouattara and Bédié side by side there long live the ivory coast." reacts one last.

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