Calixthe Beyala's setbacks with Paul Biya's nephew

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Calixthe Beyala's setbacks with Paul Biya's nephew


The exit of the host Claudy Siar allowed Cameroonians to learn a little more about the identity of the man who is trying to seize plots of the writer Calixte Beyala. Journalist and whistleblower Boris Bertolt gives details about Paul Biya's parents accused abuse of power.

It is an affair which upsets the seraglio. It pits Paul Biya's nephew, Mvondo Assam BONIVAN, against the writer, CALIXTE BEYALA.
To understand this affair, we have to go back to Belinga Eboutou's time. When he was director of the Civil Cabinet, Belinga Eboutou accepts CALIXTE BEYALA's proposal to create a writer's house. He submits the file to Paul Biya who validates the file and instructs that the State can find him a plot of land for utility purposes. publique.
Koung A Bissike, then Minister of Estate and Land Affairs, granted CALIXTE BEYALA 950 m2 on the heights of Mount Febe for the writer's house. Unbeknownst to him, Mvondo Assam BONIVAN buys around 300 million CFA francs nearly 7000 m2 in the same place. Problem: the plot of CALIXTE BEYALA is included in the land newly acquired by BONIVAN. Minister A Bissike said nothing. Besides, she claims today that she did not know.

Two months ago, CALIXTE BEYALA decided to launch his project. She is therefore going to the field to start doing the work. Informed, Bonivan sends police and gendarmes to the field. Verbal battles erupt between the police and CALIXTE in front of the locals. The police threaten to shoot BEYALA. She resists.

Bonivan arrives on the scene, the shouts continue. CALIXTE BEYALA, taken with anger, would have let go according to Bonivan: “I would like to see the woman who gave you this education. She was worth nothing ”. For Paul Biya's nephew these words are unacceptable. He decides to have her arrested.
Phone calls quickly passed in the Republic. The phones crackle. As the police prepare to embark BEYALA for a police station police, elements of military security disembark at Mont au Febe on the instruction of Colonel Bamkui, head of SEMIL. CALIXTE BEYALA does not move. After negotiations, the situation calms down. Calixte had just escaped from the cell.

But the case is not over yet. Bonivan says he's not leaving. The Minister of Domains and Land Affairs, Henry Eyebe Ayissi tries to appease him. On September 11, 2020, Minister Eyebe Ayissi informed Bonivan's lawyer, Mbang Alain Pierre, that it is not legally possible to cancel CALIXTE BEYALA's land title. But the standoff continues.

BEYALA knocks on all the doors of the Republic because she knows that she is at war against the nephew of Paul Biya. She meets the head of justice, Laurent Esso; the boss of the police, Mbarga Nguele; and even the secretary general of the presidency of the republic, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh. Because, she is aware that she needs support. But each of them listens to him but does nothing.

To cut the pear in half, a plot of land with almost the same area in the City Center is offered in BEYALA. She opposes it arguing that not only is she within her rights and that writers need calm. Land of the same size is also offered elsewhere to the president's nephew. He is opposed to it. The situation is therefore blocked.

Mvondo Assam Bonivan, the nephew of Paul Biya now affirms that he does not give in to CALIXTE BEYALA because according to his words, the writer insulted his mum. Meanwhile, Samuel Mvondo Ayolo, the actor of the civil cabinet, who replaced Belinga Eboutou, former lover of CALIXTE BEYALA observes the scene. Besides, behind the scenes he supports Bonivan.

Although Mvondo Ayolo is aware that CALIXTE BEYALA is within his rights, he refuses to give a thumbs up, on the contrary, he wants to attend the "hanging" of his former love he accuses of having organized the media lynching of his legal wife in the media through journalist Junior Zogo. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

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