Owona Nguini violently attacks MRC and Equinoxe Tv

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Owona Nguini violently attacks MRC and Equinoxe Tv


In a column with the title: companions on the journey of Ambazonian adventurism, the university teacher analyzes the crisis that has persisted for four years in the North-West and South-West regions of Cameroon.

One of the factors that maintains the murderous and divisive conflictuality is the existence of a coalition which, in a visible or invisible way daily the sinister cause of armed ambazonism. Indeed, the separatist lobbies who have imposed their hegemony in the circuits of identity Anglophonie, benefit from the visible or masked support of many actors of Cameroonian society so blinded by their hostility towards the central power and its networks. society, that they are ready to see the whole of Cameroon burn, if, they think the regime and its central leader will be overturned.

These different actors constitute a veritable Trojan horse intended to hide a coalition of the overthrow designated by a term modeled by a vision of violence tempted by the reflex of extermination or purification: chasing. This coalition makes it possible to disseminate the divisive poison of vehemence and inter-community revenge that incubates the massacrating fabric and the genocidal threat in the Cameroonian public space. This coalition organizes a virtual Sabbath of renegades ready to devour the dismembered parts of Cameroon

1- Confederalists / secessionists cunning.
They are supporters of a strongly segmented Cameroonian state where the central government would be reduced to the bare minimum, being only a place of negotiation between almost sovereign territorial states. They pass themselves off as ordinary federalists while their logic transforms Cameroon into a confederal state. It is in fact masked secessionists like Master Bobga Harmony and Wilfred Tassang who played at being federalists before revealing themselves. Dieudonné Essomba, cunning supporter of a sovereign Ekang state is to be stored here.

2- Radical ethno-populist federalists.
They are activists and identity activists opposed to the governing framework of the decentralized Unitarian State, who half-heartedly support English-speaking autonomism, which largely comes from the same matrix of visceral communitarianism as these federalist identity currents. Here alongside these ethno-populist federalists, there are the Southern-Cameroonian federalists, many of whom are semi-Ambazonians because they admit that there is an English-speaking Cameroonian nation and people who have a legitimate right to their state in the face of a French-speaking people and nation. Master Agbor Nkongho is in this trend. The demago-populist supporters of the Ekang (Fedek) federation of Armand Assev alias Armand Willy. one of the most radical defenders of this ethno-populist federalism is Charly Oyie Noah.

3- Federalists Community moderates opposed to the decentralized unitary state.
Certain elements of the PCRN including the president of this formation Cabral Libii Li Ngue Ngue although they affirm their attachment to the unity of the Republic are understanding on many points for English-speaking autonomism, especially for federalist-crypto-confederalists like Agbor Nkongho or the Anglophone federalists in favor of the resurrection of an Anglophone-Francophone bi-cultural federalism. Cabral Libii militates for community federalism or identity regionalism, finding themes defended by the English-speaking actors mentioned. Often prone to opportunism, the leader of the PCRN has even established connections with Ambazonian secessionist leaders like Tapang Ivo Tanku. This movement opposes classic decentralization and criticizes the persistent centralism of the state. It is through these aspects that even unwittingly because of its dominant republican orientation, the PCRN can contribute to the resistance of secessionist theses, in fact based on community fundamentalism.

4- The ethno-fascist pseudo-federalists.
This current is the most dangerous because it is based on a fetid ideology: the supremacy of the Bamileke-binam-grassfiels community consecrated by a real doctrinal literature. He does not have frank and sincere federalist convictions. His vision of federalism is purely tactical as we can see in the partisan device captured by these ethno-fascist lobbies: the MRC.

This party pretends to share federalist orientations while the ethno-fascist lobbies which colonized this formation are in reality in a hegemonist approach concerned with conquering the centralist state and preserving it for the interest of the lobbies which control this political formation. . The MRC relies on the ethno-fascist Phalangist group "Anti-Sardinards Brigade" (BAS) which openly undertook to raise funds to buy weapons from the Ambazonians. Some of the militia leaders like Brice Nitcheu publicly assumed this option in meetings where “guests” from the MRC were present such as Master Simh.

This current is particularly harmful because it wants to use the Ambazonian militias to overthrow the central power and its leader. One of its figures is the great theorist of the Federal Republic of Grassfields, Jacques Noumsi, an uninhibited ethno-fascist who ethnically stigmatizes even Ekang protesters like Christian Ntimbane Bomo. The economic capital of its Chimera State is Douala.

5- Social allies of pseudo-federalists
The ethno-fascist lobbies have a connection woven around the MRC with a dedicated media like equinox completely acquired to this perspective of an obligatory ethnic rotation of the central power therefore considered as a tontine. Equinoxe has thus become a media machine which subtly relays pro-secessionist propaganda on the pretext of an “objective” and “balanced” coverage of the situation. Supposedly neutral human rights NGOs like REDHAC or NDH are in fact sucked in by the MRC.

These organizations have a very curious way of ensuring the protection of human rights, almost systematically silencing the repeated abuses of ambazonian obscurantist criminal thugs in order only to point the finger at the mistakes of the defense and security forces. All this is obviously not innocent. It is a question of taking advantage of the Anglophone crisis to advance the hegemonistic calculations of what some supporters have themselves called "Bami Power" doomed to downgrade the "Country Organizer Which according to them would correspond to the Ekang / Fang-Boulou-Beti home.

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