The reactions of the political class following the assassination of students in Kumba

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At least 8 students from Mother Francisca College in Kumba killed on October 24, 2020 by suspected separatists. About ten other wounded were taken to the emergency room. Cameroonian politicians condemn this barbaric act.

Kumba Crime - DR offers you some reactions

Cabral Libii from PCRN

« You have to be particularly inhuman, narcissistic and foolish to think that coldly killing students can rally the international community to a cause. You have to be desperately mad to think that the state can falter, that a country's institutions can stop functioning because terrorists spread horror. The state must assume its responsibilities with a firmness commensurate with the horror. May those who legitimately support English-speaking demands distance themselves physically and morally from animality! No! No! And no! »

Me Akeré Muna

 “Unimaginable and unacceptable! What happened in Kumba should wake us all up. What barbaric instinct can drive anyone to go to a school and shoot children at random, killing some? Is this what we have become? Numb with savagery and chaos, we are slowly losing our humanity. To the mothers and to all these crying families, we offer our condolences and our prayers. Suffering and mourning must stop being the daily life of some citizens ».

Rolande Ngo Issi from PCRN

« I condemn with the greatest and deepest energy the atrocities committed against the students at KUMBA I demand that the responsibilities be established and that those responsible be punished. Education is a fundamental right ».

Manaouda Malachi

“I unreservedly condemn the acts of barbarism committed today in Kumba. Murdering children who are going to learn is to attack the very foundations of our Nation. Let us unite for more noble fights in this period of covid-19 "

Denis Nkwébo from Manidem

« For the war and the killings to end in NOSO, Ambazonian secessionism must be unanimously condemned. We must join forces against a horde of fanatics who kill, steal and rape. Anyone who support these blood drinkers leave my account ».

Serge Espoir Matomba from PURS

« Stop the massacre of children in Kumba! Another unbearable drama. Let us reject the trivialization of violence. No excuse and no forgiveness for the culprits. They must be punished ».

Narcissus Mouelle Kombi

« End Ambazonian Terrorism

Criminal enterprises which feed on the blood of innocent children must be strongly condemned. Stop This Barbarism. Let's mobilize against the height of horror and the reign of terror ».

Agbor Nkongho

« I strongly condemn the murder of schoolchildren at the International Bilingual Academy of Mother Francisca in Kumba. These horrific and barbaric murders are a flagrant violation of the right to life of these children.

It is unacceptable for someone or groups of people to harass, attack and kill children. It is a fundamental right that children be educated. Therefore, the perpetrators of these heinous crimes should be held accountable.

My sincere and sincere condolences to their families ».

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