Brenda Biya decided to further provoke BAS

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Brenda Biya decided to further provoke BAS


In a post in which we see her in a dress of a pop star, Brenda Biya has decided to further provoke the BAS which has made it their mission to hunt her down.

Brenda Biya has indeed decided to post what hurts. She therefore decided to continue in provocation. In a post on her Facebook page, she wrote: 'I win, you lose'.

Another message to BAS?

In another post a few hours earlier, Brenda first gave Cameroonians and BAS advice in particular.

For the past few months, Brenda Biya, the daughter of the strength of experience (Paul Biya) has been very active on social networks, especially Facebook. Thus, his publications do not go unnoticed. Several Cameroonians opposed to the regime headed by his father (President of the Republic of Cameroon), are also taking the opportunity to spit their fed up on the daughter of the tenant of Etoudi, the palace of the Cameroonian people.

A posture that does not suit Brenda Biya. This is how this Monday, October 19, 2020, she made a post on her Facebook page where she asked her fans not to judge. "Do not judge, every human is as he is", wrote Brenda Biya. Difficult to know the reasons for this publication which is basically a form of advice. Nevertheless, if we stay in the era of time, we can understand that for a few days now, Brenda Biya has been in the news on the web.


Since last week, the president's daughter has been tracked down by members of the famous Birgade Anti-Sardinards (BAS) with the help of certain “Amazons”. These activists opposed to the Yaoundé regime believe that Brenda Biya squanders the Cameroonian taxpayer's money in luxury hotels in France. If we stay in this logic, the exit of Brenda Biya has a very specific target.

Also, this is not the first time that she has posted this kind of quote on her Facebook account. On August 31, 2020, she denounced those who insult her all day long on her page. “You have to have time to be a Haste eh. I would never take my time to insult someone I don't know on the internet. Internet women too much false courage to people, ”she wrote.

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