A delegation of 15 Nigerian army personnel are in Cameroon

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A delegation of 15 Nigerian army personnel are in Cameroon


A delegation of 15 men from the Nigerian Air Force War College, led by General Dalhat Laden, commander of the institution staying in Yaoundé, the political capital of Cameroon for a 5-day excursion.

The delegation made up of Air Force trainees came to benefit from the wealth of experience that the Forces de defense of Cameroon have recorded over time, through the technical, tactical and strategic way they use to solve serious problems that affect the entire sub-region.

During their visit to the Cameroon War College, the delegation was very satisfied with the presentation and the exhibition, presented by the Commander of the Cameroon International War College, Colonel Tiokap Pierre Loti, who brought out the values ​​that l institution transmits to its learners.

When meeting of questions and answers, Colonel Tiokap Pierre Loti spoke at length about the particularity of his institution as it prepares its learners for the realities that await them on the ground. Not living the spirit of brotherhood and the very essence of conducting joint operations without problem.

He used the case of the multinational joint force as a perfect example, series of acts of bravery were recorded thanks to the collective efforts of member countries and the right to hunt down the enemy, 25 kilo meters in fraternal territory.

The visiting trainees were overwhelmed by the know-how and the particularity of Cameroon War College, because its training is contextualized in relation to the reality of the continent. I thus make it the best ground for their studies on terrain.

Speaking to the press at the end of the visit of the Nigerian Air Force War College to the Yaoundé International War College, Air Commondore Olufemi Babajide Odeyinde said their objectives were achieved as they learned beyond their expectations. They came to learn about the approach and methods used by the Cameroonian military to solve the problems of regular warfare and its military architecture, without the relationship between Cameroon and Nigeria being legendary.

The delegation has been in Yaoundé since October 18, 2020. They began with a courtesy visit to the Chief of Defense Staff of the Cameroon Defense Forces, Lieutenant General René Claude Meka, then to certain ministries such as the Ministry External Relations, Arts and Culture, Agriculture as well as some tourist sites like the museum, the monuments of the reunification and the Center of Arts andcraft. All of these areas gave attendees a taste of why Cameroon is called Africa in miniature.

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