Scandal, visa fees misappropriated at the Cameroonian embassy in France

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Scandal, visa fees misappropriated at the Cameroonian embassy in France


The Cameroonian Embassy in France finds itself embroiled in a new case of embezzlement.

It is a new scandal that risks further shaking the Cameroonian embassy in France. At the heart of previous scandals a few months ago, the Cameroonian diplomatic representation is this time cited in a case of misappropriation of funds as reported by whistleblower Boris Bertolt.


“I come here to report my testimony concerning an anarchist organized at the Cameroonian embassy in Paris that I experienced so that these practices cease and there is more justice at the Cameroonian embassy in Paris.
The actors of this scam are the Mr who makes the filter before the portal and another who works inside the embassy and who must be other accomplices.

Last week I went to the embassy to make my visa for an upcoming trip to Cameroon.

I arrived among the first at 08:30 am. There were a maximum of twenty people in front of me.

09:30 am, start time for processing multiple requests. The portal opens and we bring the first 10 in line and appointments as it should. What follows is a mixture of mafia, corruption and I will say humanism but misplaced. We arrest all 10 people before me: the only word that officially comes up is have a date?

Mafia 1: people arrive making phone calls and relations in the embassy either give instructions to the vice consul to bring them in or go down to the gate to welcome the latecomer and therefore those who arrived earlier and who did not relationship have only their eyes to cry on.
Humanism badly placed: anyone who shows up with a child or an elderly person can come back to the detriment of anyone who took it in advance, who arrived super early and who waited as it should. Abuses arise because people try to adopt children they do not know in order to return.

The mafia ++: We who then seem more impacted for various reasons: people not resident in Paris, people in immediate need of access to the embassy and who explain our situation to the doorman, we are asked to follow him to one of the café near the embassy (note that the doorman here acts as a prefilter before passing through the consul hut which allows entry to the embassy or not). For me and my unfortunates it will be the “Forty one” bar restaurant not far from the embassy which is complicit in this little game.
There we join a Mr who makes us his offer 200 euros to make the visa for me to take or leave.

No need for the various documents, the important thing is the money and the passport (Note that the visa fee is 125 euros if you are received at the embassy). He hands us the form and waits to be paid. The visa is available 1 hour after he tells us.

Some people will benefit from this service and will indeed have their visa after waiting 1 hour at the said bar restaurant where they were forced to consume because the bar restaurant is an accomplice. I witnessed that and I tell you without any form of proof that the money for the visa application because we do not care a little what is important is money that goes into their pockets. Imagine the consequences for the country! "

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