Maurice Kamto (finally) leaves his home

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Maurice Kamto (finally) leaves his home


Sequestered in his own house since September 21, 2020, the president of the MRC has just been released after a month of imprisonment. Maurice Kamto is seen in a long white boubou, mask on the nose, talking with the security forces who besiege his home, one month to the day. It is too early to know if this is the end of internment forced from the political opponent.

Visit of the delegation led by Tiriane Noah prevented

Tiriane Noah, the vice-president of the MRC has not been able to visit Maurice Kamto kidnapped at his home since September 21, 2020. The meeting scheduled for that day was prevented by the security forces positioned in front of the frontage from the president of the MRC.

According to compte rendered by Tidiane Noah, the delegation was unable to meet Maurice Kamto. All members of the delegation were stripped of their cell phones. The food brought to Maurice Kamto was received by the men in uniforms.


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