Women's football - Discovery: "The Captain Courage", the girl-boy!

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DJAIKA ABEL, The young 20-year-old player aims to play in the biggest European championships and to win the Can with her country Cameroon, since her participation with the ladies' team A in several tournaments.

 DJAIKA ABEL plays in the women's football team of the University of Ngaoundéré as a defender, but quite versatile, she can play in the middle and at the side position.

Born on 06-06-2000, student at the University Master 1 fundamental private law, At 20 years old, she is already considered as the future of women's football in Cameroon. She hopes to have the opportunity to play in Europe in the biggest competitions, like the Champions League and also play in a professional club abroad.


Her role model is Njoya Ajara, a Cameroonian international player with whom she has good relations.

It's a new fashion icon

 “Like ETO'O” to better emancipate himself from the most backward family traditions, assume his body and free himself from the injunctions of the mother who orders him to “behave like a woman” for “the girl boy” 



The style of the footballer is above all a state of mind. “The clothes worn should inspire comfort and confidence,” explains young footballer DJAIKA ABEL. The flexibility of materials and sizes ensure a form of well-being in the field. And this is necessarily felt on the outside. Because "it's a question of attitude", adds the "Captain courage". 


A football shirt is a symbol of solidarity. The players wear their team's jersey to stand out on the field of play and the supporters wear it as support. And here, fashion is used to protest in favor of equality on and off the pitch ”I accept my choice I am an amateur footballer of course, but the cause of violence against women is close to my heart. “Who says footballer says sorority. Wearing a swimsuit is already activating I am also campaigning for respect for gender equality.

Using the power of football to educate and inspire

President of several associations and members of youth movements across the country, DJAIKA ABEL sees “the opportunity to invent another football”.

Because the obstacles that sportswomen have to overcome are innumerable, from their distance from the objectives attached to the guys for example, "to surpass themselves, to push back their physical capacities", to the habits of an audience familiar with male sports shows, through a string of delicate injunctions, such as "appropriate masculine techniques but also prove their femininity" ... In doing so, they must demonstrate "inventiveness greater than that of men". It is these performances that write the future. No question of staying on the sidelines… I'm DJAIKA ABEL, I'm coming…


By Ibrahim Sadjo

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