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In print, his diplomas and certifications could fill a cupboard. Generous in discussion and coaching, Cédric Motchebong is only stifled by one desire: to pass on his know-how to future generations. With a full head, this atypical Cameroonian entrepreneur - who carries a piece of tender heart in his chest - always shines through his availability when asked to play a monitoring note in the concert of the violins of solidarity. A rare pearl that tries to sweep away the capitalist madness that is sweeping the world of economic engineering.

Admired for his ardor and his abundance of ideas, this certified trainer who strives to create and grow an entrepreneurial culture among young people - by providing them with the skills necessary for their development and growth - has given himself permission to be 'unconventional' and to embrace Michelle Obama's famous phrase: "Success is not measured by the amount of money you make, but by the impact you have on the lives of people ”. More than a quote, it is a source of inspiration for this former student of the technical high school of Koumassi with contagious energy.

His oratorical talent and his unwavering desire to work to create the African dream have led him to design futuristic projects such as, for example, inciting 100.000 young people from difficult neighborhoods and 50.000 women into entrepreneurship by 2025. 

Very enthusiastic and above all lucid, this personal development coach knows intimately that one hand cannot tie a bundle and that is why he relies on financial institutions and on a wider circle of fund providers to carry his ideas and give to these a good audience. A still lonely hero whose job is to find the right words to motivate others and exert a regulatory influence on them.

While waiting for better prospects for the future, Cédric Motchebong can boast of having held the hands of young people without falling into the box of discouragement. He can boast of having subordinated his potential to the sole purpose of fixing the soul of tomorrow's wealth creators. In short, to brighten up a youth who does not know how to exploit the immense treasure that is hidden in them.


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