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To remedy the incessant scandals which arise at the Normal School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM), Hervé Emmanuel proposes a reform.

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The final results of the entrance exam to theAT AM published on October 4, 2020 are still not unanimous among the public. For some, the results would have been marred by "favoritism" while others like the "Movement 10 millions of Northerners", denounce the non-respect of the quotas allocated to the North in terms of competition.

The quality of teaching

Speaking about what is considered to be yet another scandal in the School, which is yet supposed to train the country's senior executives, Hervé Emmanuel Nkom At first, doubts about the quality of the lessons given there: “First of all, I am not sure that they form the best and I am not sure that in his organization, it is an objective which does not have a counter-productivity in terms of consequences. I give you an example. Having been to an administration school in France, we do not train in the same place people who may find themselves in a position of conflict of interest. That is, you cannot, in the same year, in the same place train tax inspectors, customs inspectors, labor administration inspectors and magistrates. If you find yourself in a city like Douala, this can be the case and it has sometimes been the case, the prosecutor of the same promotion as the prefect or the sub-prefect, who is of the same promotion as the general paymaster, the municipal collector of the city or of such district municipality. You see that this kind of relationship, even between people like you and me who have had morals, ends up leading to conflicts, confusions or complicity ”, explains the member of CPDM.

What should be

To support his arguments, the banker by training cites as an example the operation of the great European schools:"In France, tax inspectors are trained in Clermont-Ferrand, this is the case of the professor Alaka Alaka. When it was necessary for him to perfect his training, he went to Clermont –Ferrand. The ENA is no longer even in Paris, it has left the rue universitaire and is now in Strasbourg. Customs inspectors are trained in Neuilly, police commissioners in Lyon, gendarmerie officers are trained in Melun. The military school of Saint-Cyr is located in Brittany. We do not train not the executives in the same place in order to avoid creating syndicates of criminals and others, ”he illustrates.

What to ban

Therefore, regrets the politician, “Reduce all the management of public life at ENAM is to create factories of people whose success, productivity and control cannot be guaranteed. And it ends as it shows there now. People who are said to pay to enter amortize their investment after a while. So they pay each other on the beast », He declared on the set of ABK radio Monday October 19, 2020.


To remedy the situation, thinks the number 1 supporter of Paul Biya, “At the very least, ENAM must be reformed, failing to do anything else. ENAM is a project to give the administration the executives it needs to take over the management of affairs that were previously in the hands of the colonial power, but today I think we are going astray this training center He suggested.

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