# IAI-Cameroon An online academic start

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The formula was favored by this internationally renowned institute on October 19 for the launch of the year 2020-2021, coupled with the ceremony of awarding certificates to students at the end of their training.



It is a completely new start to the school year to which the students of IAI-Cameroon this Monday. Used to going to the NkolAnga'a campus in such circumstances, this time they had to stay at home to experience this event thanks to this new “online academic start” formula.

The government's instructions in this period of response to covid-19 are clear. The leaders of this international school did not want to ignore it.


Remote transmission


Only the recipients who had access to the campus in this special circumstance, arrangements have been made so that all, old, new and parents, can experience this ceremony from start to finish, which marks the start of the new academic year within the African Institute of Informatics, representation of Cameroon.

For this, the structure chose to broadcast live on certain partner television channels such as Ctv Afrique and Info Tv. The ceremony chaired by Clément Achille EKOMY, general coordinator of IAI, was also live on the Facebook account of the IAI. establishment, and on the Facebook page Crtvweb, partner of the event.

From their different homes and thanks to technology, the learners were therefore particularly informed about the different effective start dates of the courses, namely:

- November 02, 2020 for level 1;

- November 16, 2020 for level 2;

- November 23, 2020 for level 3.


As for the system chosen to effectively dispense the lessons, the Resident Representative specifies that it is a hybrid system, that is to say, half-face and half-distance.


The deserving rewarded


A total of 340 of them completed three years of training in “Software engineering” and “Systems and networks” in this way.

The majors and vice-majors were the first to receive the precious sesame in front of the IAI-Cameroon Resident Representative. Armand Claude ABANDA took the opportunity to invite these new graduates to “make digital technology a real lever for the creation of jobs and wealth”.

The brilliance of the ceremony was enhanced by the presence of the IAI general coordinator, who traveled to Libreville to proceed with this solemn opening of the year 2020-2021. For Clément Achille EKOMY, “These recipients are our pride. We are sure and certain that they will validly defend the IAI's colors on the job market ”.


A promise to keep


A wish well integrated by the main concerned, according to their representative, Mohamed Ali. For him, in fact, this happy outcome represents a personal victory. He will take the opportunity to thank the leaders and all the teaching staff for the training and knowledge thus acquired. He will thus ask his comrades to deserve the hopes placed in them by resolutely embarking on the promotion of self-employment. This by adopting respectable attitudes which will ultimately open up a boulevard of opportunities for them in working life.



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