Police brutality in Nigeria: Tiwa Savage calls on Beyonce to join her voice to the #EndSARS movement

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Demonstrations against police brutality in Nigeria continue to escalate. If stars like Davido, Wizkid ... expressed support for the thousands of Nigerians who took to the streets, Tiwa Savage called on Beyonce to join her voice to the #EndSARS movement.

Tiwa Savage called on Beyonce to join her voice to the #EndSARS movement. According to the singer, Beyonce should not remain silent as Nigerians suffer. “I want to use my platform to call Beyonce and the whole team who contacted a lot of Nigerians; Nigerian artists, producers, video directors, dancers, creatives. I call Beyonce and her team the same way they used their platform to uplift and show the world that Black Is King and how beautiful Afrobeat, Africa and our culture are.

Because the same country that saw the birth of this genre is on fire right now. Where these creatives come from is on fire. So I call on Beyoncé and the whole team and tell them that you can't ignore this, that you can't be silent. Because we all celebrated the Black Is King.

I was personally very proud to be part of the project. I know people are going to hate me, I know I'm going to have negative reactions to this, there is even a possibility that I could be blacklisted for this ", she said in a video relayed on social networks.

As a reminder, since last week, Nigerians have been in the streets to demand the dissolution of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), accused of torture, ill-treatment and extrajudicial executions.

Hopefully Tiwa's SOS will reach Queen B.



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