Danger, a bag of frozen potatoes contained a strange object!

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Danger, a bag of frozen potatoes contained a strange object!

Many consumers choose to shop in supermarkets for safety reasons. Indeed, many of us think that products are well checked before arriving on the shelves. But, apparently, one cannot exclude the fact that products containing dangerous elements can arrive on the supermarket shelves despite the checks. As they say, to err is human. This was precisely the case at Lidl. Indeed, a sachet of a customer's potato contained a piece of wood.

An unusual object in the products

Indeed, it was a 50-year-old man living in Pas-de-Calais who was the victim of this misadventure at Lidl. In fact, this man has been a loyal customer of the German brand for years. And like most hard discount consumers, this one has chosen the supermarket. Firstly for the low price of the products, but also the safety of the food to be consumed. Sadly, he fell from a height when he saw a piece of wood in his bag of frozen potatoes.

Lidl, a client confides in his mishap

Very surprised at the piece of wood in his bag of potatoes while he was cooking, the customer immediately called Lidl customer service. Thus, he informs them of his inconvenience with his product. Faced with the situation, the supermarket offered to reimburse him for the entire bag. The sum of which was equal to 1,19 euros. Of course, even the products groceries are unbeatable in the supermarket.

According to the words of this man at the microphone of the newspaper La Voix du Nord, the products were those of the Harvest Basket brand. While the latter's products can be found on all Lidl shelves. Presumably, this was the first time this man has encountered a problem with Lidl's products. Despite this, he cautions all readers of the newspaper to beware of food products in supermarkets.

Lidl reassures its customers

After such a mishap, Lidl customers are wondering about the reliability of their products. But so that this kind of problem can not damage their reputation, the hard discount prefers to take matters in hand. First so that the same situation does not happen again, but also to respond to consumer concerns. For this, the management of the chain reassures its customers that the control of this kind of thing is important for the supermarket.

Thus, following the complaint filed by the fifty-year-old man on July 22, Lidl conducted an internal investigation to deal with the problem. Then the supplier of the brand of hash browns themselves will be questioned. Indeed, the customer will have an answer as soon as possible concerning his mishap.

But for those customers who have a problem with their products purchased from Lidl, a forum of 60 million consumers can help you find what to do next.

Promotions continue at the brand

Despite this mishap, Lidl continues to offer its customers quality products, but at lower cost. To do this, the brand provides its consumers with catalogs of promotional products every Wednesday. You can find products from beauties, kitchen utensils or decorative objects such as the new ultra-design floor lamp that will light up your room.

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