xnxx: Here are the emojis to use in your texts to seduce

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xnxx: Here are the emojis to use in your texts to seduce

We explain how to charm your crush with emojis!

Let it be said, it's difficult to reveal ourselves… We are all afraid of eating ourselves a rake but hey as they say: fear does not prevent danger so, dare! If you feel comfortable and you know how to express yourself flirting, continue like this. On the other hand, if you are a little (a lot) shy and you don't really dare to say things BUT you really want to, we have a solution for you: emojis. Well yes, they're not just there to fuel your Conversations with your friends. The proof, we will reveal to you our techniques to make your crush understand that you like it thanks to these famous smileys ...


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If your crush offers you a date, to help him with his lessons, to accompany him to the shops, a drink ... in short, it does not matter you have to be playful and enthusiastic at the idea of ​​sharing a moment with him / her. For that, nothing better than the guy who shakes his little hands! There is nothing more explicit.


Mims emoji screenshot

We call it: the “mims” emoji because it is less flagrant than that of the guy with two hearts in his eyes, but he still has hearts. Thanks to him you will transmit to your future bae that you like him ++. Do not hesitate to put it on when you part with him / her after a date, as in the example given to you a little above.

Embarrassed but touching

Trendy emoji screenshot
Credit: Trendy emoji screenshot

The classic little monkey emoji, he's too cute serious. You can use it when you suggest a date or something else to your crush for example. He / She will find you cute, you can be sure of it and he / she will be touched by your shy but courageous side!

Implied ...

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Come on let's get down to business with the guy who says it all: the innuendo ... During the flirting period this emoji will be your best friend because it sends back a naughty side but sure of oneself and that makes everyone crack, doesn't it?


IPhone screenshot
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And we finish with the emoji that will allow you to make your future half understand that she makes you hot! For example, you can send him one of his insta photos with this emoji, he / she will directly understand the message believe us. If you find it a little too daring, don't hesitate to add a little "haha" afterwards to reduce the "hot" effect but not too much anyway 😉

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