Emmanuel Macron, multiplies the escapades during his outings, discover the latest

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Emmanuel Macron, multiplies the escapades during his outings, discover the latest

Since the start of this year, Emmanuel Macron has faced many difficulties. This time, France had to face bad weather which ravaged everything in its path. And a priori this is only the first wave.

France in bad shape

This bad weather did indeed damage some departments. Material damage accompanied by heavy human tolls. In reality, there was a fall of precipitation equivalent to that of a year. Reason for which the rivers left their bed hence the sudden rise in water. People have found themselves trapped in their own homes and some are even missing.

Unfortunately, among the missing, there are two firefighters who tried to save his fellows. Therefore, the government has rushed to help that part of the population that is in denial.

An output by Emmanuel Macron that caught the eye of internet users

Indeed, in order to release the funds for an aid to the population, it was necessary to classify this storm Alyx as a disaster. Thus, the government was able to help the victims. In addition, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron came to the site to come and reassure people about the future. But he was taken aback by a curious confidence of a truck driver.

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Indeed, the latter reveals to him that he had just been requisitioned to help gold; he no longer had a permit. So the driver asks the president's opinion: what should I do? But the head of state's reply stunned more than one. In fact, Emmanuel Macron advises him not to say anything and to manage. An inappropriate response that encourages people not to follow the law. Words that a president should never say.

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