Cameroon: Maurice Kamto prepares his defense

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Under house arrest since September 20, the leader of the MRC is suspected of being "the bearer of an insurrectionary project to overthrow the institutions".

De facto placed under house arrest, since the security forces have surrounded his home in Yaoundé since September 20, Maurice Kamto has not appeared in public since that date and therefore did not take part in the large demonstration at which his party had called, September 22.

Arrest rumors

Nine members of his collective of lawyers were nevertheless able to meet him on September 28. The opportunity to prepare the defense of the leader of the Mouvement pour la renaissance du Cameroun (MRC) while, for several days, the whole country had been buzzing with rumors of an imminent arrest of the opponent, as well as that of his many supporters , who were effectively arrested on September 22.

Maurice Kamto has not yet been formally charged but, on September 27, the Cameroonian police chief, Martin Mbarga Nguele, and his counterpart of the gendarmerie, Galax Yves Etoga, summoned the lawyer Hyppolyte Meli, the president of the group of lawyers who ensure his defense.

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