Algeria: M6 channel banned after documentary

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The Algerian Ministry of Communication has decided to "no longer authorize" the private French television channel M6 to operate in Algeria, the day after the broadcast of a documentary on the popular protest movement "Hirak" in that country.

In a statement released Monday evening, the Ministry of Communication accuses this documentary - titled "Algeria, the country of all revolts" - in "Take a biased look at the Hirak" and to have been produced by a team equipped with "False shooting authorization".

"This precedent leads us to decide to no longer authorize M6 to operate in Algeria, in any form whatsoever", says the ministry.

Featured as part of the show "Exclusive inquiry", this 75-minute report - filmed at times with "Discreet cameras" - exposes testimonies of three young Algerians on the future of their country, in the grip of an unprecedented uprising since February 2019.

The health crisis led to the suspension of the market "Hirak" in mid-March. The Ministry of Communication castigates "Tasteless testimonies""The most reductive clichés" et "A sum of anecdotes without depth".

One of the protagonists of the investigation, Noor, a YouTuber known in Algeria, explained on social networks on Monday that she regretted having participated in the documentary and deplored "Lack of professionalism" of the French channel.

According to the Algerian press release, "A Franco-Algerian journalist ensured the production of the film, with the help of an" Algerian fixer ", provided with a false authorization to shoot", an offense "moreover severely punished".

The ministry promises to take legal action against the reporters for "Forgery in authentic or public writing". The "It is no coincidence that these media, equipped to carry out an agenda aimed at tarnishing Algeria's image and cracking the unwavering trust established between the Algerian people and their institutions, act in concert and at different levels and supports", he says.

According to the ministry, M6 had submitted, on March 6, 2020, a press accreditation request for members of the show's team. "Exclusive inquiry", for the shooting of a documentary on "The enhancement of the economic and tourist development of the city of Oran, as well as the multiculturalism which makes the wealth of our country".

Request which received an unfavorable response from the services of the Ministries of Communication and Foreign Affairs, he said. The broadcast last May by the public channel France 5 of another documentary on Algerian youth and the "Hirak" -

"Algeria my love" by French journalist and director of Algerian origin Mustapha Kessous - had triggered a diplomatic crisis between Algiers and Paris.

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