DJ Lewis' photo in underwear is going around the web right now

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the photo of DJ Lewis in underwear is the hitr of the canvas at the moment

This afternoon, while we are taking care of business in Yopougon where there was a bus breakage, from Ramatoulaye who after winning the trophy for best actor in the Ivory Coast posted a photo of him with foam on the body comes this publication of DJ Lewis by First Mag the real one.

According to Opera, this photo has been around the web, with many comments. For some people, “Really, men want to replace us,” says a surfer. And others to say, looking for the money is not easy deh ”. From your point of view, how to qualify this image of the famous designer of the "Avian Flu" ?

For the story, DJ Lewis is an Ivorian disc jockey artist making Coupé-offset, who became known to the general public in 2005 by participating in the DJ Attalaku Orange competition. The following year, he released his first album "Stop Avian Flu" which featured his hit that really made him known: "Avian Flu".

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