In the United States, NGOs denounce clandestine removal of the uterus in migrant camps

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Five American NGOs have lodged a complaint denouncing hysterectomies in a detention center where migrant women are held. These surgeries would be performed against their will.

It was a nurse from the establishment who would have sounded the alert. In a private detention center in Georgia (United States), women detained for the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a customs police and border control agency of the State Department of Homeland Security - United, would be victims of hysterectomies (total or partial removal of the uterus).

"Courageous nurse […] talks about abuse, racism and the risks of # COVID19 for inmates and guards", specifies the tweet of Project South, one of the five NGOs which lodged a complaint with the government.

"Experiments on our bodies"

The nurse says that the women are not aware of these operations. "Several inmates told me that they went to see the doctor and had hysterectomies without being informed." beforehand, she said.

She adds that a doctor "Performed hysterectomies on just about everyone."

One of the detainees interviewed by the five NGOs even speaks of "Experimental concentration camp".

“When I met all these women who had this surgery, I thought it looked like an experimental concentration camp. It was as if they were doing experiments on our bodies ”, she tells Project South.

A risky intervention

The practice of hysterectomies is however a dangerous practice. "This is an important act that must be considered, because there are several types of hysterectomy, which in addition to making sterile, may or may not lead to menopause", explains Dr Brigitte Letombe, medical and obstetrical gynecologist on the site .

The five NGOs (Project South, Georgia Detention Watch, Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, and South Georgia Immigrant Support Network) have filed a complaint with the government (PDF) on behalf of the immigrant detained and the nurse initiator of alert.

source: migrants-6973931

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