Fally Ipupa publishes the list of musicians who did not return to Kinshasa with him

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According to the writings of the Mbote.cd editorial staff, many of Fally Ipupa's musicians have not returned to Kinshasa with the latter and the group F'victeam.

The news is spreading on social networks. Through a vocal that reached the editorial staff of Mbote.cd, a member of Fally Ipupa's group cited the names of a few people who did not return: "Let's start removing all those who fled in all our groups of Fally: Billy, Gola, Kabuya, Boussole, Mopiri…. Let's remove them all from our groups".

This same subject of a probable flight of Fally Ipupa's musicians had already been addressed during the confinement period. But the artist laughed at those who brought up this hypothesis. It is now turning out to be true.

source: https://afriqueshowbiz.com/la-liste-des-musiciens-qui-ne-sont-pas-rentres-a-kinshasa-avec-fally-ipupa-est-des Now-connue/

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