September 11: Who was Khaled Sheikh Mohamed, the mastermind of the attacks?

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The idea of ​​launching airliners against American targets had obsessed Khaled Cheikh Mohamed (KCM), a Pakistani engineer who studied in the United States, since 1994.

September 11 would probably not have happened without Khaled Cheikh Mohamed (KCM). This Pakistani native of Balochistan and raised in Kuwait is no stranger to the jihadist scene when he enters the sphere of Osama bin Laden: he fought in Afghanistan until 1992. In Peshawar, he made himself known for its funding networks, and thus manages to attach several Afghan warlords.

In 1994, he developed a plan to hijack American planes in the Pacific, which would fail. But the target and the modus operandi are determined: launching airliners against American targets becomes the fixed idea of ​​Khaled Sheikh Mohammed.

His reputation therefore precedes him when he arrived in Tora Bora in 1996 to present his projects to Bin Laden. With its strong Kuwaiti accent, KCM suggests targeting several US targets, including the Pentagon, the Capitol, the White House, CIA, FBI HQ and the World Trade Center.


Abu Hafs is appalled by the plan and hastens to describe the man as a "psychopath straight out of the asylum". This is not the opinion of Bin Laden: seduced, the Saudi appoints KCM head of special operations of Al-Qaeda.

Khaled Cheikh Mohamed after his capture in 2003.


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