Bernard Tapie: determined to fight his cancer!

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Monday, September 7, Bernard Tapie made a media appearance during his participation in the eloquence contest of the lawyers of the Paris bar. And his somewhat broken voice did not prevent him from saying that he was happy despite his illness.

He is holding on despite the illness. Monday September 7, Bernard Tapie participated in the eloquence contest of the lawyers of the Paris bar. And despite his double cancer at The esophagus and the stomach which has been gnawing at it for three years now, the businessman has delivered a strong message of hope to the sick, affirming that the secret to survival is energy. "And how do we find the energy? By moving! Stirring! And if you are in bed from morning till night, saying to yourself, 'I can't get up', you are dead! ", he thus launched the broken voice but the determined look.

It was also an opportunity for Bernard Tapie to take stock of his life, but also his family, which has always surrounded him. “To succeed in life is not to succeed in life. I have four healthy children who I love. I have had the same wife for 52 years. I have my parents who died, one at 92 and the other at 93 and if I hadn't had this fucking disease well I will be against me despite everything that is going on for the most part , happy ", he said, admitting however that he will probably have some difficulties to overcome the coming months.

Sophie Tapie married in the presence of her father

During this speech, Bernard Tapie regained his legendary glance, certainly with some difficulties due to his broken voice. Nevertheless, it was in great shape that he appeared, he who last July ended his media retreat to say that he had once and for all put an end to his history with Olympique de Marseille, which he owned. Now the businessman is focusing on his health, while last February he said he had started a new experimental treatment, but also on his family life, with his wife Dominique and their four children. And recently, he even had the joy of marrying his daughter Sophie, who married Jean-Mathieu Marinetti.

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