Côte d'Ivoire: The health service still vulnerable

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Construction of hospitals, establishment of universal medical coverage… Although access to health services has improved, medical deserts and the lack of equipment remind us of the need to continue the policy of massive investments in the sector.

“In 2010, I made the commitment to build and rehabilitate 5 hospitals and 100 health centers. We have built 10 new general hospitals and rehabilitated 22 general hospitals, 78 general hospitals and 233 urban and rural health centers, ”Alassane Ouattara enumerated before parliamentarians gathered in Yamoussoukro on March 5. These achievements have made it possible to significantly improve the rate of access to health services, which rose from 44% in 2012 to 69% in 2019, and to provide certain establishments with cutting-edge technical services and platforms.

source: https://www.jeuneafrique.com/mag/1033778/societe/serie-cote-divoire-cette-sante-encore-fragile-5-10/

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