When transparency becomes an asset

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As we enter the second half of this third quarter of 2020, the world of work has never received such a shock wave, sweeping away all the forecasts for the darkest year in the global economy. Between economic crisis and health crisis, most companies have revised their managerial approaches in the face of a volatile market. It is in this environment that young graduates or retraining job seekers will have to show ingenuity to capture the attention of a recruiter who receives more CVs than usual. How to stand out and promote that little extra that will make the difference?


Cover letter on vitamin

Much more than a routine exercise, your cover letter is the first point of contact between the company and the job seeker. It gives strength to everything that your CV cannot translate beyond your professional or academic background. It ensures your positioning, translates the values ​​often sought by an informed recruiter. Its formatting requires a certain originality which will make you unique for the profile that best matches the position. It is not simply a question of talking about your understanding of the market in which the targeted company operates, but much more: sharing its vision, understanding its DNA.


The insight of the target brand

While an ever-increasing number of companies communicate online via dedicated platforms or their own ecosystem, there are now interfaces that allow job seekers to have better insight into the various brands targeted, such as GoWork.fr. A veritable database of opinions on employers, GoWork.fr gives pride of place to employees whose experience sharing allows job seekers to find out more about the companies for which they are applying in their regions. Reviews under the seal of anonymity that make the difference and show the company differently. GoWork.fr is first and foremost an excellent center for bringing together management and employees, ultimately enabling information to be fed back to improve productivity and working conditions. Present on six continents, this portal opens the doors to a new era in the life of the company thanks to a transparent process of employee notices from tens of thousands of companies based in France.


A better prepared adventure

The talents of the region Corsica, de l 'Occitania ou Grand East make their regions live differently, not in the frantic race for opinions but more by creating around their experiences a positive aggregate of information making it possible to better understand the challenges to be taken up by the job seeker. Thus the French version of the GoWork.fr portal provides access to vital information in these times of economic crisis when all hopes go hand in hand with a gradual recovery. Get an opinion on your employer by collecting the essence of its processes thanks to the content freely provided by those who will be your colleagues tomorrow. A new world is certainly opening up to you and it is up to you to know how to get there. Sort it out, choose the worlds closest to you, ready and go.



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