She ends her life by hanging; her teacher was in correspondence with her

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She ends her life by hanging; her teacher was in correspondence with her

On August 2, 2016, Sarah, 17, ended her life by committing suicide by hanging in Saint-Orens-de-Gameville, near Toulouse, in Haute-Garonne.

Initially, his parents thought that it was his fall from a horse in 2015 that was the reason for his discomfort. Because, following this accident, the teenager suffered from neurological disorders.

Even though Sarah had excellent grades in high school, where she was on a PAI (Individualized Assistance Plan), she had become very fragile.

But, a few days after the tragedy, the parents resolved to open their daughter's mailbox. And there, they discovered with dismay that Sarah had an epistolary relationship with her French teacher.

About 400 exchanges of emails between her and her teacher. "A correspondence whose volume and content were particularly inappropriate" says Hubert Zekri, Sarah's father.

According to the latter, the man, aged 44 at the time, wanted more than a simple letter-writing relationship.
“My daughter was depressed, she had suicidal urges. This French teacher rushed into it. He completely uninhibited her from taking action. " assures the dad.

Four years after the tragedy, Hubert Zekri does not give up the fight. He lodged a complaint for non-assistance to a person in danger against the teacher and wrote, through his lawyer, to the rectorate and to the national education ministry. Letters left unanswered for the moment.

According to him, this relationship contributed to destabilize his daughter, to cut her off from the outside world, by this dependence on his teacher and thus led to his suicide.

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