xnxx: Discover the 8 golden rules for a successful first date

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xnxx: Discover the 8 golden rules for a successful first date

Discover the 8 golden rules for a successful first date.

Are you single and looking for love? Great, this article is for you! We even want to tell you that now is the time to take notes if you want to kill it on your next date! After revealing you the 10 places where it crushes the most in summer, we come back to you today to coach you. We're going to take ourselves a bit for Lucie Mariotti (the love coach of the Villa des Cœurs Brisés) to give you the best tips to make your next date go well. We know, it's always stressful but with our advice, you'll come out like a king / queen! Go just below to discover them.

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1. Put on the perfect outfit

For a first date, we advise you to put on an outfit that looks like you! No need to do too much or not enough, you need to find the right balance and be consistent with your personality and the person you are in everyday life.

2. Choose the right place

Oh yes it is important! Do not hesitate to suggest a place that you already know. Why ? Well because you will be confident and even more comfortable (and you will know where the emergency exits are if you ever want to escape). No, more seriously, it will also give a little taste of your personality to your date: trendy, music, cozy ...

3. Choose the right time

We advise you to opt for a 17-19pm or 18-20pm créno after work or lessons. This way, if all goes well you can extend the date or on the contrary if you are disappointed, your evening will not be ruined and you can meet your friends to clear your mind!

4. Listening

You absolutely have to take an interest in the person in front of you. Already because feeling listened to it is always pleasant but also it will allow you to know if this date is really for you according to the answers to your questions. Be careful not to play the cop either! But you can ask questions about his life, his work, his passions, etc.

5. Be zen

A first date is necessarily stressful, we know, but relax! The more relaxed you will be, the more comfortable you will put your date and the atmosphere will be conducive to having a good time. Don't worry, everything will be fine.

6. Take a step back

Perfection does not exist then molo Diego ! Be open and just try to find someone who is right for you and not the perfect one you've been looking for a while.

7. Forget your ex

There is nothing more embarrassing than someone talking about their ex on the first date! Well, unless we ask you the question of course, but otherwise we don't want to know how your ex was up and down. Ex = past, move on! Life is in front of you and not behind.

8. Enjoy!

No pressure. Trust fate, if you have to live your life with this person the stars will be aligned so that it can be done then chill, take advantage of the moment.

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