Samuel and Gorgette Eto'o: Reveal everything about their married life!

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As they say in Ivory Coast, Georgette is Samuel's galley wife. A galley woman is the one who gets together with a man when he has nothing and has not yet become anything, has no success.

She stays by his side despite all his difficulties, not hesitating to support him as much as she can. She knows her man's potential and expects him to honor her through marriage and take care of her once he is successful.

Georgette met Samuel Eto'o in France. At the time, she was in charge of a hairdressing salon in Nantes, while the young Samuel was still an amateur and desperate to find a club. She supported him throughout his career until he became the one everyone knows today.

The traditional African woman: "Shut up and endure"

Or is it just because of her African education which commands the woman to be silent and to submit? As the footballer's companion, she endured a lot. First of all, she's not the first to give him a child.

The one who had this "privilege" is Marian Pineda, Stephen's Spanish mother. There was also a case of unpaid alimony which caused a stir on the web. Then there was the soap opera "Revenge Porn" in 2014 with Nathalie Koah as the main actress. It created a global uproar. Finally, there are all those that we may not know ...

Georgette Eto'o may be discreet, when you are married to the greatest African footballer of all time, we necessarily carry a title and his glory reflects on us in one way or another. Georgette's discretion does not prevent her from being omnipresent on the web.

Many fake accounts have been created in his name on social networks and these attract a lot of people. There are also the fan pages, maintained by slightly more honest individuals. On Facebook, we find for example the page "Friends of Georgette Eto'o".

Samuel Eto'o married legally on July 06, 2007 and religiously on June 14, 2016, the one who is happily displayed on her husband's arm in plain sight, despite the "Trials" crossings, the one that gave him 2 out of 4 children.

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