Je Wanda & Co and NAJA International Production Group sign an unprecedented audiovisual co-production partnership

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I Wanda & Co and NAJA International Production Group are pleased to announce a unique partnership between their two entities. Indeed, the two Cameroonian companies native to the web have decided to pool their experience and know-how to co-produce a program broadcast on their respective online platforms namely: I Wanda and NAJA TV.

In a Cameroonian context where the Internet still takes its marks in the habits of daily life, it is an unprecedented synergy between two pure players * in the sector. For the first time, two web media companies are joining forces. Proof that the timid beginnings of the Internet with a penetration rate still at 30% do not intimidate the two Cameroonian partners who intend to contribute to the recent dynamics in the sector.

It must be said that the last three years have been prolific in terms of audiovisual production on the web in Cameroon. Thus revealing many talents sometimes still unknown to the general public. An indicator that encouraged Je Wanda & Co and NAJA International Production to unite their skills to deliver original content to their audiences online and beyond. It is therefore the testimony that once again materializes the enthusiasm and the strong potential of the web in Cameroon.

A word from Céline Victoria Fotso, Founder and CEO of Je Wanda & Co

“2020 represents for us the 10th anniversary of Je Wanda Magazine, so this year is marked by multiple synergies. It is therefore with great pleasure that for the very first time, we are joining forces with a web tv, NAJA TV, with whom we share a certain vision of entrepreneurship. There is so much to build on the Internet as Africans, that it feels good to do it with a young company like us, which complements us, and with which we share the same values ​​and the same ambitions. It is also proof that when they want and when the conditions are right, Africans know how to work together. "


A word from Wesleg Nanse, Co-founder and Managing Director of NAJA International Production Group

“The partnership that NAJA Production has just concluded with Je Wanda & Co is a decisive act in the pooling of our respective expertise to offer the public ever more demanding, quality content. We are very happy to embark on this adventure. NAJA International Production is a company with several partners; that said, we have always understood the need to come together to achieve great things. Doesn't African wisdom say that alone we go faster, together we go further? There is no doubt that the popularity of Je Wanda with young audiences and the audiovisual production experience of NAJA International Production will be real assets in enabling us to conquer new audiences. "

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