He slaughters his mother and buries her in a brush in Ntui

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The grabbing of material goods by the young man is at the origin of this matricide.

The alleged assassin-Screenshot

Marie Antoinette Bebene tragically left this world. At 60, the poor widowed mother was slaughtered by her son, the named Jean Jacques, using a machete.

according to 2 International Channel in its edition of the 19:50 newspaper of Thursday July 30, 2020, the drama occurs on the night of Wednesday July 29, 2020 in the locality of Nkolve, borough Ntui, Mbam and Kim department, Center region.

For material goods

At the origin of the matricide, relates the chain with private capital, the young man tries to monopolize the wealth that his daddy left. As proof, according to the confidences of the little brother of the alleged assassin to our colleague, he would have driven his brothers and sisters from the family house to remain the sole master of the place. Except that things did not go the way he would have liked.

The fatal machete blow

Subsequently, Jean Jaques decides to put an end to the days of his father by knocking her out with a fatal machete blow. After his crime, the young man buried his mother in a brush not far from the family compound.


The wounds on the back of the criminal shows that he would have been punished by the populations.

Exhumation of the body

Seized, the elements of the gendarmerie of Ntui invaded the premises in the company of the forensic doctor. Canal 2 International indicates that the body was unearthed for investigation.

What a sad fate and what a reward reserved for this poor mother by her own offspring which he nevertheless carried in her womb for nine months then fed, housed and educated!

Force the law to apply the sanctions resulting from the act committed!

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