Zombie boy: the most tattooed man in the world passed away at 32

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Rick Genest, the most tattooed man in the world, known as Zombie boy, bowed out this Wednesday, July 29, 2020.

Known for his tattoos which covered 90% of his body, Zombie boy's death occurred following a fall from the balcony of his building in Montreal.

His death raises many controversies. For the authorities, the death of the model is a suicide while his family advocates the thesis of the accident.

"For us, family and close friends, there are too many inconsistencies around her death to qualify as suicide, and it was disappointing that people were drawing conclusions so quickly", the late model's manager, Karim Leduc, explained to People.

According to Karim Leduc, Rick Genest's death was an accident:
“The balcony on the third floor from which he fell was very dangerous (…) It is a balcony with very small guardrails, a balcony for emergency or fire and he was leaning against it, as if sitting on the edge of the guardrail, and he fell back to the ground ”.

The loss of Zombie boy is a tragedy for the fashion world, which continues to mourn with the publication of photos of the star including one taken before her first tattoos.

Sad news that makes Zombie boy fans and music lovers pensive. Peace to the soul of the star.

source: https: //afriqueshowbiz.com/zombie-boy-lhomme-le-plus-tatoue-du-monde-sen-est-alle-a-32-ans/

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