Nchout Ajara Njoya: "I would have preferred a CAN postponement"

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After a longer-than-expected cut due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the new season of the Norwegian women's football championship resumed in early July and already has two days on the clock. After losing 3-2 to Sandviken on matchday 2, Nchout Ajara Njoya's Valerenga claimed their first 0-2 win of the season against Roa 0-11. The Cameroonian, who came in during the first match of her team, this time showed the way by opening the scoring in the first period. With the filigree goal of doing much better than the XNUMX goals scored last season in the league.

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old striker returns with CT on the player's ambitions or the cancellation of the CAN feminine that continues to make a lot of ink.

How did the recovery go in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic ?

We resumed the season on July 4 with an away defeat and we recovered on July 10 with a home victory. I finally opened my goal counter for the season. The resumption, from training to the start of the season, took place under the constraints of respecting barrier gestures. We still see them today during matches. Goal celebrations are without hugs. It's pretty weird but you get used to it little by little. I take this opportunity to reiterate to our compatriots that Covid-19 is a reality and that they should continue to observe the barrier gestures decreed by the government and theWHO.

While announcing the creation of the Women's Champions League, the CAF recently canceled the CAN women's 2020. Do you see this decision as a brake on women's football ?

The decision to cancel the CAN female is the 3e sad news of the year for me after our defeat against Zambia, the advent of Covid-19 and the ensuing human losses. I am sad as much for the football enthusiasts who follow us and continue to show us their affection as for the young footballers for whom this CAN was to be a first. I emphasize this aspect all the more since the selection of the Indomitable Lionesses has been rejuvenated, and these young Lionesses could have gained experience. For some African footballers, this CAN could also be the last opportunity to shine.

Several voices have been raised in the world, from the president of the FIFA, Gianni Infantino, to the general secretary, Fatma Samoura, passing by other soccer players and the media. This is so that something can be done. As for the other competitions CAF, I would have preferred a postponement and not a cancellation. The African representatives will go to the 2021 Olympic Games with the 2019 world cup as the last competition, the last official match being the one played in March 2020. This reduces our chances of making an honorable journey or bringing back a medal. African women's football did not need this situation. On the other hand, the creation of the African Women's Champions League is to be welcomed. The CAF is to be congratulated for this innovation. But that will not be enough to alleviate our sadness. I wish Louves Minproff good luck at this competition and wish him to imitate Oryx de Douala who won the first edition of the African Cup of champion clubs.

A year ago, Cameroon reached the knockout stages of the World Cup thanks in particular to your goal against New Zealand. Are we still talking about it ?

Even when I try to forget this goal and this collective performance of the Indomitable Lionesses who qualified us for the 8e I can't do it because the media, football fans keep reminding me of it. Some people even call it Diamond Goal. On the anniversary of 30 years of Dad François Oman Biyick's goal against Argentina at the Italy 90 World Cup, I celebrated this goal on my social media pages, but some people kept telling me about my goal . I am happy to score every time when I am on a football stadium. And even more when it's for the Indomitable Lionesses. With the help of my teammates, I hope to score other decisive goals such as against New Zealand. And if this goal is the one that will bring a title to Cameroon, my joy will be at its height.

Some Cameroonian footballers are criticized for their choice of clubs " exotic " Shouldn't we think of other championships where visibility is much better ?

I am very happy in Valerenga and in the Norwegian championship. I am starting my third season in Norway, the second in Valerenga, club with which we ended 2e of the last championship, punctuated by a first qualification in the Champions League. There was also a Norwegian Cup final. We have achieved some great things since I joined this club and I hope that this season we will do better in the league, in the cup and achieve an excellent course in the Champions League. After that, we can always take stock and discuss with my agent and the club afterwards. In order to always be successful with the Indomitable Lionesses, I would like to progress, whether within Valerenga or in a club of a European Top 5 championship. In the meantime, I continue to do what I know best on the field, that is, defend, make assists and score goals. The rest I leave in the hands of Allah.

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