Another death at Carrière Leboudi, a few steps from Yaoundé!

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A new death of a man was recorded at the Leboudi Quarry this weekend.

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A death, destroyed machines, it is the assessment which results from the accident which occurred at the Leboudi quarry, Lékié department, Center region this Saturday, July 4, 2020.

The testimony

Indeed, it is the collapse of a clod of earth which violently affected a man at the bottom of the stone. The workers and local residents held at the bottom of the giant stone cannot find words to describe the feeling that animates them following the horrific scene.

 « It was 15:30 p.m. when we continued our work. A few minutes later, we saw the earth descend like a wave of water. It destroyed the gear "Says Michael Marius Yonguich Mepa, one of the workers in the career products company.

Efforts to save the life of the victim were unsuccessful because " He went to die at the Yaoundé central hospital. Because he was completely buried ”, adds the witness.

Alerted, the sub-prefect of the arrondissement ofOkola located about thirty kilometers from Yaoundé came down to the scene: " We have asked that all employees first release time to allow the company to do a damage assessment. And by then the work can start again ", Prescribed Henry christian olomo.

While waiting for the expert assessment work to be done to secure the site once and for all, learned from corroborating sources that a few months ago, a child had first died under the same circumstances.

Hence appropriate measures to solve this problem especially when we see houses built and inhabited by people at the bottom of large stones which are broken using devices all day long.

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