Here are the types of swimsuit made for you according to your astrological sign

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Here are the types of swimsuit made for you according to your astrological sign

This year we invite you to discover what type of swimsuit is made for you based on your astrological sign!

Astrology always divides but one thing is certain, it remains a subject that comes up a lot, especially when the summer vacation is approaching and everyone throws themselves on their horoscope to know if we are finally going to catch our crush! And to do so, it is better to be at the maximum, this is why after having advised you a job where to apply according to your astro sign we come back with this time a selection of swimsuits. Well yes, if you want to attract the attention of your crush it is better that you wear a jersey that perfectly matches your personality. Come on, go below to find out our tips.


Swimsuit @CalvinKlein
Credit: Calvin Klein

Aries is a sign of fire so if you are one, you are bound to be an enterprising person with a sacred character, so you need a swimsuit with a "strong" color: red. El fuego!


Swimsuit @monpetitbikini

As a good self-respecting Taurus, you should choose a green swimsuit. This color represents hope, love, pragmatism: essential values ​​for you and that define you wonderfully.


Swimsuit @

We can see you parading on the beaches in an orange swimsuit! You need a bright, spontaneous color that reflects your personality. You are not afraid of being noticed, on the contrary!


Swimsuit @PrettyLittleThing
Credit: Pretty Little Thing

As a Cancer you are someone who is gentle, shy and reserved.That's why you would be seen in a white swimsuit. No need for a ton of detail, you don't like frills you prefer to get to the point!


Swimsuit @ H & M
Credit: H&M

Golden! Well yes, you are the queen / king of the beach and we understood that. And generally the members of a royalty are dressed in gold so it doesn't surprise us. You want to be noticed and not worry this is the case.


Swimsuit @ Tapeàl'oeil
Credit: Tape à l'oeil

You should buy yourself a dark blue swimsuit. You are not an extravagant person and you do not necessarily want to be noticed and at the same time you want to be classy as in everyday life. Dark blue seems perfect for this! Discreet, elegant, in short, all of you.


Swimsuit @pinterest
Credit: pinterest

You are someone who is closely interested in trends so you are necessarily aware that this year THE color to have absolutely is baby blue. But at the same time lilac is also trendy this year? Roh / here he hesitates… As usual!


Swimsuit @Missguided
Credit: Missguided

The scorpion is sensual, spicy, charming… If you are a native of this sign, a black swimsuit will be perfect for you. It is both simple and elegant but also intense ... You will attract all eyes on you that's for sure.


Swimsuit @pimkie
Credit: Pimkie

If you are Sagittarius, a purple swimsuit is perfect for you! You are someone cheerful and spontaneous and with this color, this is completely what others will say when they see you land on the beach.


Swimsuit @ H & M
Credit: H&M

As a Capricorn you are someone who is confident but also careful, so we would see you in a brown swimsuit. It is original, few people have it and yet it is a safe bet because it goes to everyone. And to you, that would make you delight!


Swimsuit @

You deserve to wear fuchsia pink! Why ? Well, simply because you are an eccentric person. You want people to be fascinated by your audacity and your imagination even on the beach, in short, fuchsia pink is for you.


Swimsuit @oysho

Pink? Light blue? Lilac! One word: creativity. You're not the type to do everything like everyone else, even with your swimsuits. You are one of those who like to mismatch and you are right because it only goes to you! As far as colors are concerned, you really like pastel colors which are as romantic and sensitive as you.

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