Here are the love lessons to steal from our favorite TV series

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Here are the love lessons to steal from our favorite TV series

Love can sometimes be complicated but luckily we can count on the playoffs to give us lessons in pricking without limit!

Being in love is often pure happiness. It's simple when we are in this state, we hover and we live our best life. However, it is not always obvious and sometimes disputes and misunderstandings get involved. Even if we love our half very much, sometimes we no longer know what to do to improve the situation or simply to understand it. And it's even more difficult when you've loved someone in secret for a long time. If these series characters have survived the worst trials, Trendy invites you to come back to the lessons of love that the series have taught us. Do not hesitate to apply some in real life!

Let the other make their own mistakes

Pacey and Joey in Dawson
Credit: wb

It's easy to say, more difficult to do. However, it is better to encourage the other and give him all his support rather than constantly harping on him that he is making a mistake and that you do not agree. In Dawson season 3, Joey falls in love with a student while she is still in high school. Their romance begins on rather complicated bases since they evolve in two different worlds. For her part, Pacey is starting to seriously feel feelings for her..

But instead of praising her and blaming her, he encourages her and will even be the first to be there for her when the couple ends up separating. Subsequently, he will also manage to conquer his heart. In short, an idyll is made up of a good dose of friendship and supporting the other is one of the bases of a successful relationship.

The happiness of the other above all

Peyton and Lucas in The Scott Brothers
Credit: CW

When you love someone, you have to not be selfish and let them be happy even if that means accepting to see them leave. This is exactly what happens to Peyton at the start of Scott Brothers Season 4. She has just realized that she is still in love with Lucas but knowing that he loves Brooke, she will do everything to try to bring them together and allow them to get back together.

She even goes so far as to silence her own feelings so as not to compromise their love story. A magnificent sacrifice! Some time later, Lucas will finally realize that he is in love with Peyton and they will even marry at the end of season 6 of the series. Like what, being altruistic and disinterested, it can pay!

Showing your feelings is proof of courage

Lexie and Mark in Grey's Anatomy
Credit: ABC

Often, when we know that we are in love, we are afraid of revealing it to our loved one. Indeed, it is not always easy to say these three words to someone and even more if you are not in a relationship with this person. However, even if the fall can be painful, it can also cause your crush to reveal its feelings to you in turn. Whoever tries nothing has nothing as they say. Besides, Lexie Gray ended up taking her courage in both hands to tell Mark Sloan that she loved him in a statement so beautiful that we still have chills just thinking about it. Small extract from Grey's Anatomy currently broadcast on ABC:

" I love you. I'm so in love with you. And I have you in my skin. It’s like you’re an illness. I am infected with Mark Sloan. And I can't do anything but think of you, I can't sleep anymore. I can't breathe anymore. I can't eat anymore. And I love you. I love you every minute of every day and I love you. "

Accept the other entirely with his faults and qualities

Damon and Elena in The Vampire Diaries
Credit: The CW

It is not always easy to arrive there but it is however the base. No one is perfect, neither you nor the loved one. We must therefore accept it entirely, including its dark part because it makes him what he is today. If you decide to couple with someone, you should not try to change them even if the situation is complicated. That's what Elena managed to do with Damon in The Vampire Diaries. He makes mistakes! However, the young woman ends up coping with her impulsive, selfish and proud side.

Better yet, she managed to appease him, he who had suffered so much from his history with Katherine. In short, sometimes you have to face the facts: we love people despite their faults even if you expect them to make efforts to improve.

Being honest is the key to a balanced relationship

Oliver and Felicity in Arrow
Credit: The Cw

Lying is immediately cast a shadow over a romantic relationship. It is better to tell the truth and build a couple on healthy and solid foundations. And you can believe us, trust is the key to a balanced relationship. Remember that lying and cover-ups are what nearly cost Oliver his relationship with Felicity in Arrow . So rather than trust him, he preferred to hide from him that he had a son. Unfortunately, it was not the first time. Especially since he continued to act without ever consulting her, without really including her in his life.

The young woman therefore preferred to leave him rather than stay with a man unable to be honest with her. Admittedly, Oliver had learned to rely only on himself on Lian Yu but we obviously understand the reasons for Felicity. If all goes well on the love side, we advise you to watch the Outer Banks series, the Netflix series that everyone is talking about.

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