How the Far North is preparing for the post-Biya period

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The game of the succession of Paul Biya at the head of the State of Cameroon is already played on the grounds of the north. The sons of this part of the country launched on June 27, 2020, the “10 million Northerners Movement”. An initiative reminiscent of Cabral Libii, the movement of eleven million citizens who encouraged the latter's candidacy for the 2018 presidential election.

Paul Biya in Maroua in September 2018 (c) Rights reserved 

The editor of the tri-weekly L'oeil du Sahel, Guibai Gatama announced on June 27, 2020, the launch of the “10 million Northerners Movement”. This initiative, according to him “Aims to promote and defend the interests of the Far North in a republican spirit. It is imperative that each northerner promote it for a collective appropriation of our weight in Cameroon ”, he said in a message posted on his Facebook page.

At the moment when the first reactions of protest arise, classifying this project in the register of "identity withdrawal", risky for living together in Cameroon, Mohamadou Bayero Fadil, activist of the CPDM, one of the most listened voices of the north, underlines with strong feature, the influence that this part of the country can play in the political alternation.

Starting on the basis of the presidential election in October 2018, the businessman believes that the Far North, if united, can make a man, or one of his sons, the president of the Republic of Cameroon.

"You saw the results of the last presidential election, the candidate Paul Biya won the election with the score of 72%. Of the 72%, 47% come from the north… We want to demonstrate that the united north as a whole can either make a man President of the Republic, or make one of his sons President of the Republic ”, asked the businessman during an interview with a local TV station. offers you to follow the argument of Mohamadou Bayero Fadil on the “10 million Northerners Movement” initiative.

As a reminder, in an interview with the daily Mutations in October 2019, Guibai Gatama, speaking of alternation in Cameroon declared: “I'll be honest with you: if a northerner were to succeed Paul Biya democratically, that wouldn't bother me. I will be happy that the Head of State is from the northern regions. The presidential palace is not the heritage of anyone, neither of a region, nor of a religion, even less of an ethnic group ”.

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