El Diablo: the true face of actor Martin Acero (photos)

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El Diablo: the true face of actor Martin Acero (photos)


Being an actor is a heavy responsibility. Many viewers think that playing the role in a film is a personality that the actor also adopts in the real life.

While an actor embodies any role that is assigned to him. Bad, kind, shy, rowdy, arrogant, rich or poor. It is the law of cinema.

Thus, Martin Acero whose real name Miguel Varroni played the role of an arrogant, ambitious and vagabond man in the series "El Diablo". Which tarnished his image among viewers. But is the actor really like that in real life?

Miguel Varroni therefore admitted in an interview that he is not as bad: "I'm not that bad guy you think you are. I just played my role and I think I played it well. I have a woman whom I adore and whom I respect and for nothing in the world I will not leave her for another ”.

The great actor has been married since 1997. Oh! That the appearance is misleading. He married Catherine Siachoque who is the mother of Catalina and the wife of Albéro in the series "Catalina". Ah that, 23 years of life together for such a bad man !? Wow this is to review…

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