Eto'o Fils: The scam of his relatives almost cost him his fortune.

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Cameroonian legend Samuel Eto'o has had a rich career that has seen him go through Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Inter Milan. The Cameroonian has one of the best prize lists in football by collecting almost all major trophies. A reputation and a talent that made him one of the highest paid players on the planet when he was active. Like most stars, Eto'o entrusted the management of his fortune to a company, and it was there that the setbacks began.
Indeed, as reported by the Sportmania site, the former Real Mallorque player noticed that something was wrong when his mother in Cameroon no longer perceived all of what he was sending him. Eto'o, who had also invested in entertainment with a nightclub, realizes that the box is demanding payments from him which his agent, Jose Maria Mesalles, had to pay. Worse, the latter transferred his fortune from the company that managed it to the benefit of other screen companies he controlled. Eto'o only held 1% of its own fortune.
Samuel Eto'o placed blind faith in Mesalles. “He had authorized him to buy, sell, make transfers and manage his budget. All that Eto'o had won, ie 40 million euros between 2006 and 2009, was donated to Mesalles, ”reads the site. The same source indicates that the company in question held a certain number of heritage properties of the Cameroonian attacker. These are "Four houses in Palma, Barcelona, ​​and Paris, an entire building in Douala, parking lots, warehouses and a Bentley".
Discovering the pot with roses, Samuel Eto'o decided to end his collaboration with Jose Maria Mesalles and to take legal action against him. Fortunately, the indomitable lion has recovered his fortune and avoids adding to the long list of ruined players at the end of their careers.


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