xnxx: some mistakes made by men in bed !!

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xnxx: some mistakes made by men in bed !!

10 mistakes made by men in bed

Several women were asked about the most common mistakes men make in bed. Among their answers, several coincide. Gentlemen, discover them and learn from your mistakes to become better lovers!

Believe that she doesn't enjoy sex as much as you do

It is totally wrong to think that men benefit more from carnal love than women. Don't pretend that she's done you a big favor; your partner might feel embarrassed about indicating their desire to you. We agree, that's not what you want, is it?


Skip the kisses

Believing that kissing is only part of foreplay or happens when there is nothing else you can do is totally wrong. Lips contain a lot of nerve endings and are terribly erotic, kissing promotes arousal.


Caring a little too much about your partner

Do not be offended, it is very important to take care of the other but constantly asking her if she likes it or not and focusing during the whole act on how to do things to her the way she likes them will not lead you. not very far. Don't try to control everything in bed and let her express herself and guide you if she wants to.

Too short foreplay

Women respond to sexual pleasure more slowly than men, so if you're still up for it, she'll need some foreplay before penetration. Take the time you need to explore your bodies and try out new practices.

Neglecting the staging

You are also not asked to light the candles and scatter rose petals all over the place every time you go to have sex (well ok, once in a while), but at least make sure that the bedroom is a minimum order, put on some music and above all do not keep your socks on during the act.

Go too fast

We are not only referring to the sloppy foreplay mentioned earlier, but also all the stages of sex that are taken at high speed. Quick sex once in a while can be very enjoyable, but when the situation allows it, women prefer to take their time experimenting with different positions, among other things.

Focus on the private parts

Going directly to stimulate the private parts is a common mistake. Remember gentlemen, that there are other erogenous zones in a woman, do not hesitate to ask her where they are! A woman's private parts must also have reached a certain degree of arousal so as not to hurt her by touching them.

Attempt to reproduce scenes from porn movies

You may have drawn inspiration from the pornographic films you watched when you were young, for your own antics. But these films have nothing to do with reality. Not all women will ask you to grab them by the hair or spank them, some will, but stop believing that porn movies are based on reality, otherwise you will be disappointed more than once ...

Believe that all women work the same way

If all the girls you slept with climaxed in 10 seconds, the next one will probably need more time or a different stimulation, that doesn't mean she's "weird". Each person is different and does not work the same. Above all, make sure that your partner doesn't feel that something is wrong just because she doesn't fit the average woman you've dated.

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