Professional Internship Offer

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Professional Internship Offer


Announcement of availability of 3 positions for professional internships.

As part of these activities wehopegroup recruits 3 professional interns for a period of 3 months:
- 2 intern in the field of information technology
- 1 trainee in the field of audio visual editing

Conditions for applying
-The intern in the IT field must have held at least a BTS or DUT in software engineering
it must have work with WordPress, laravel, ionic and front end

The trainee in audio visual editing must hold at least a BTS in audio visual editing or have professional experience acquired with the configuration of OBS Studio and VMIX

Interested parties are kindly requested to apply simultaneously to the email address before the date of March 20, 2020

NB object for the IT field: Software engineering
Object for the Audio visual editing domain:
OBS Studio and VMIX configuration


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