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Tunisian head of government Elyes Fakhfakh, January 24, 2020.

Tunisian head of government, Elyes Fakhfakh, January 24, 2020. © Hassene Dridi / AP / SIPA

Member of the Social Democratic Party Ettakatol, ex-Minister of Tourism and Finance, this 48-year-old engineer had run for the Tunisian presidency in 2019, collecting only 0,34% of the vote. Appointed head of government on January 20, he has a month to train his team and gain the confidence of deputies.

• Hédi Damak

Hedi Damak

Hédi Damak © Hichem

Tried as future chief of staff. Enarque, retired since 2017. Fine connoisseur of the administration, without political label. Has a career in the Ministry of Finance. He was its secretary general when Fakhfakh obtained this portfolio in 2012.

• Adnen Ben Youssef

Adnene Ben Youssef

Adnene Ben Youssef © Hichem

In 2019, sought with Fakhfakh to create a centrist alliance for the elections. IT engineer in Paris, then consultant in Tunisia (since 2015). Human rights activist. Former member of the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP), then of Al Joumhouri.

• Afef Daoud

His campaign director during the presidential election. International coordinator of Ettakatol since 2011, this quadra

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