Meghan Markle's fury: US media turns bitterly against 'free-loading' Sussexes after bank speech

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are currently settling in their new life in Canada with their son Archie Harrison. Their desire was to have a more private and normal life for their nine month old child.

However, the American media have started to turn bitterly against the couple, according to MailOnline.

The couple wanted to promote ecology by escaping from the British press.

But reporter Maureen Callahan, who writes for the New York Post, is just one of many who have decided to turn the pair on.

She wrote a scathing rebuttal after Prince Harry spoke at a summit for JP Morgan Chase.


Meghan Markle News: US Media Turns Bitterly On 'Free Load' Sussexes After Banker Speech (Image: GETTY)

meghan harry

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are currently settling into their new life in Canada (Image: GETTY)

She criticized the couple as freelancers who took advantage of their royal identity.

The journalist also criticized the couple for not keeping their environmental promises.

She wrote: "Just weeks after they slammed the door of Buckingham Palace, declaring that their sufferings were wealthy, pampered and world famous upper realms, so unbearable that they must take their leave and flee into the Canadian woods to the seeking privacy, humility, a slower way of life, time to reflect on the noble eco-warriors who support (in private flying, of course) and to create normalcy for themselves and their baby, Harry and Meghan are out for a walk, selling their goods and services - whatever those may be - to the highest bidder.

“You would think, for the sake of appearances, that they would have lasted a little longer. It's not like they're suddenly helpless.

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prince Charles

Prince Charles has promised to support the couple (Image: GETTY)

“Harry and Meghan are, after all, still on the royal payroll until at least May, after which Prince Charles has pledged to support them.

“And since the decamp from Britain, they've been charging, staying indefinitely in a $ 14million (£ 10) Vancouver mansion (a deal brokered by music producer David Foster) and at Serena Williams' Palm Beach Estate on a recent trip to Florida. "

She then commented on the irony that Prince Harry would have been paid to speak about his mother's death.

Last year, the Duke complained about the negative press coverage that plagued his mother's life and its lasting impact on him.

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"Harry and Meghan are, after all, still on the royal payroll" (Image: GETTY)

meghan harry

The journalist also criticized the couple for not keeping their environmental promises (Image: GETTY)

He said in his speech: “Every time I hear a click, every time I see a flash. It brings me back right away. "

Ms Callahan said: "But for the right price, he will bring all this deeply personal emotional chaos, held sacred for decades, into a room full of global brokers - despite zero luck, all of this will elucidate or improve a single real - global problem. .

"To top off this inaugural foray into the lives of working commoners, Harry and Meghan would have had dinner with two of the most philanthropic and shy people on the planet, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.

"Now they are said to be looking for a home in Los Angeles and New York - exactly where celebrities seeking isolation go - and have been in talks with Goldman Sachs since at least November, months before they announced their. intention to "take a step back". "

CNN's Aubrey Hansen also denounced the couple and said they had shamelessly displayed their ambitions.

Arbre généalogique de Meghan Markle

Family tree of Meghan Markle (Image: EXPRESS)

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She said: 'If Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had decided to go further in the background, perform their royal duties on a less intensive basis and spend more time in private, I doubt that there would have been a lot of criticism, ”she wrote.

“That's not what they did, however.

"They have quietly planned to live in Los Angeles.

"Then Harry loudly announced their arrival on the private circuit by telling wealthy bankers all about his mother's death (for a high fee, of course)."

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