The first iPad Pro 5G expected this year?

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The Apple iPad is a great productivity machine. With LTE connectivity, it can also be used on the go. 5G is just starting to arrive, it is logical that the tablet of the brand with the apple also benefits. And it would be soon.

According to several rumors, Apple is about to jump on the bandwagon of 5G with the iPhones of this year 2020. That said, if this new DigiTimes report turned out, the iPhone may not be the only Apple brand devices to be eligible for a 5G module this year. Indeed, the Cupertino company would also have planned to launch an iPad Pro 5G before the end of the year. Here is what we think we know now.

What if the first iPad Pro 5G is released this year?

The Apple iPad range has long offered cellular connectivity. The fact that the American giant makes its tablet compatible with 5G would therefore not be frankly surprising. The question then arises as to when this change will take place. Exactly for the iPhone, by the way. If an iPad Pro 5G were to actually be produced before 2021, this would be done without a doubt with modems Qualcomm Snapdragon X55.

This is what DigiTimes thinks it knows

The fact remains that DigiTimes does not very often fall right in its predictions concerning Apple. The more so as their article is in contradiction with previous rumors, and in particular a prediction of the unavoidable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who affirmed that the iPad 5G is not expected before 2021. Obviously, to see a compatible iPad arriving one year before would not be refusal for customers. That said, this is just another rumor. 5G infrastructures are still far from being very numerous, few users will be able to take full advantage of them. And Apple is not known to rush to adopt new technologies, preferring to wait until they are proven and mature. iPad Pro 5G for 2020 or not? The future will tell.

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