Pontivy: here are the 33 faces on the list of outgoing mayor Christine Le Strat

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Christine Le Strat, outgoing mayor of Pontivy (Morbihan), and head of the Pontivy list above all, revealed, on Thursday, February 13, the names of his co-listiers

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The Pontivy list above all, led by Christine Le Strat, outgoing mayor of Pontivy (Morbihan), in full. (© DR)

Christine Le Strat, outgoing Modem mayor of Pontivy (Morbihan) unveiled, this Thursday, February 13, 2020, the names of its co-listiers.

The list, titled Pontivy above all, has 33 names, with an average age of 49 years.

This list includes sixteen outgoing elected officials.

Here is the list (in alphabetical order):

  • Christine Le Strat, 64, general manager of retirement services (Château-Gaillard district).
  • Philippe Amourette, 64, retired chief public finance controller, outgoing municipal councilor (Bellevue district).
  • Marie Bancel, 34, stay-at-home mom (Le Resto-Bolumet).
  • Véronique Carrée, 47, property manager (Tréleau).
  • Catherine Charrier, 65, retired teacher (Tréleau).
  • Alice conan, 33, IT consultant (Pigeon-blanc).
  • Véronique Delmouly, 51, engineer (Tréleau).
  • Jean-Luc Demars, 43, agricultural engineer (Talcoët).
  • Chantal Gastineau, 47, health executive, outgoing municipal councilor (Touldouar).
  • Annie Guillemot, 66, retired nurse, outgoing municipal councilor (Kerjalotte).
  • Nathalie Guillemot, 46 years old, sedentary commercial (Kerentrée).
  • Michel Guillemot, 55, employee of printing works, outgoing municipal councilor (Stival).
  • Eric Guillermic, 57, engineer in charge of communication (Bolumet).
  • Georges-Yves Guillot, 47, food worker, outgoing municipal councilor (Four-à-Chaux).
  • Benoît jacques, 29, sales representative (downtown).
  • Florence Jan, 56 years old, nurse (Stival).
  • Michel Jarnigon, 66, retired teacher, outgoing assistant (Château-Gaillard).
  • Hervé Jestin, 48, insurer for professionals in the banking sector, outgoing city councilor (downtown).
  • Emmanuelle Le Brigand, 56, notary clerk, outgoing municipal councilor (Tréleau).
  • Gabriel Le Bris, 41, plastic worker (La Houssaye).
  • Jean-Pierre Le Clainche, 62, principal of a public college (city center).
  • Paul Le Guernic, 26, lawyer, outgoing municipal councilor (Four-à-Chaux).
  • Maxime Le Lu, 29 years old, responsible for a design office (downtown).
  • Alexandra Le Ny, 47, mortgage broker, outgoing assistant (Kermadeleine).
  • Philippe Le Ruyet, 51 years old, animal nutrition engineer (Kergrosé).
  • Maryvonne Le Tutour, 58, commercial employee, outgoing city councilor (downtown).
  • Meltide Leprévost, 48, secretary (Kerjalotte).
  • Yann Lorcy, 58, mission manager in accounting, outgoing assistant (downtown).
  • Julie Mingam, 43, co-manager of PME (Bellevue).
  • François-Denis Mouhaou, 61, teacher in agricultural lycée, outgoing assistant (Four-à-Chaux).
  • Anne Peran, 19, student (Château-Gaillard).
  • Alain Pierre, 53, sales manager, outgoing city councilor (Kergrosé).
  • Claudine Rault, 64, retired accountant, outgoing municipal councilor (Four-à-Chaux).

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